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Ruby Carat of Cold Fusion Now ( has created a wonderful keepsake for those interested in the field of cold fusion and its history. Copies of the 2013 History of Cold Fusion Calendar: The Early Years are now available from either the Cold Fusion Now or Infinite Energy websites.

The 8.5 x 11” 12-month wall-hanging calendar highlights many of the important dates in cold fusion history. The date pages focus on the early years of the field, but also include more recent events. Each month features a new photograph related to the field, ranging from scientists in their labs to active research cells. Ruby said, “We’ve gotten a great response and everybody’s been happy with the result. These calendars are really reference documents clothed in a calendar format. Filled with important facts and gorgeous photos, they put a positive face on the field and show people how serious the research is.” Ruby encourages those interested in promoting the field to send the calendar to schools, agencies, legislators, laboratories and environmental groups to help inform them of the history of the field, as well as the ongoing research.

Since May 2010, Ruby and her colleagues at Cold Fusion Now have been promoting the cold fusion field via reporting on their website, the Cold Fusion Radio program, outreach events and advocacy campaigns. Ruby explained, “Cold Fusion Now works to accelerate the development of clean energy from cold fusion by creating awareness in the public sphere about the reality of this science as well as educating policymakers on how important it is to fund this field.”

Ruby spent many months collecting information and images for the calendar, with assistance from many in the field. Much of the information presented is based on the timeline that Gene Mallove created for Infinite Energy #24 (special ten-year cold fusion anniversary issue). Ruby said, “The 2013 version is designed to show the experimental fact of anomalous effects from deuterated systems as reported in the early years, the serious nature of the research that continues to today, and the scientists, entrepreneurs and companies racing to discover the formula of this Rumpelstiltskin-reaction to develop revolutionary clean energy technology from the hydrogen in water.”

The project is for the benefit of Cold Fusion Now and the New Energy Foundation, publisher of Infinite Energy.

Customers can purchase one calendar or a reduced price quantity of calendars:

1 Calendar $20.00
3 Calendars $50.00
7 Calendars $100.00

The calendar is available via the Infinite Energy online catalog ( =index&cPath=9). Cold Fusion Now is also accepting orders on their website. Calendars ordered via Infinite Energy will be drop-shipped from Cold Fusion Now. The Infinite Energy online store and Cold Fusion Now site accept only PayPal payments, but Infinite Energy is also accepting phone, fax or mail orders by check, money order or credit card.

While this year’s calendar was subtitled “The Early Years,” the calendar for 2014 will have the theme “Commercial Cold Fusion.” Ruby will be soliciting photos and information about key dates from the independent labs attempting to develop a commercially viable product.

Ruby said, “All the dates from each calendar we produce are being coalesced into a spreadsheet which will form the core of an interactive digital timeline linked with pictures and files. As that project moves forward, we’ll be looking for a programmer and designer with the artistic sense and skills to make a truly engaging and educational experience.”


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