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infinite energy

Issue 112
November/December 2013
Infinite Energy Magazine

Second Annual Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference

Ruby Carat*

  The Saturday evening panel discussion. (Photo by Ruby Carat)

The second annual Global Breakthrough Energy Conference was held in Boulder, Colorado from October 10-12. The organizing crew from Holland, where the first conference was held last year in Hilversum, brought the whole assemblage of technicians, artists and media to the U.S. midwest where last-minute changes, including an extreme flooding event, almost cancelled the meeting.

Originally to be held at the University of Colorado in Boulder, a demand by university staff for more money up front was made just two weeks before the conference was to begin. Co-organizers Jeroen van Straaten and Madeline Villar, already working with a small budget, balked at the eleventh-hour changes to their previously-made agreement.

While looking for an alternate location, GlobalBEM stayed at the Days Hotel in Boulder, and when all seemed lost, hotel owner Darek Zurek offered up his property for the entire event, and said they would discuss the cost later.

All rooms were reserved for GlobalBEM participants. The hotel cafe closed to the public, and transformed into a kitchen serving three meals a day for conference participants. The parking lot was cleared to provide space for tents to hold the two stages, audience seating and several truckloads of audio/video equipment, art, books and technology displays. It was another last minute save for new energy thanks to Zurek and his great staff.

As attendees filtered in from all over the globe, a second blow again put the conference in jeopardy.

Late on the first night of the event, a storm blew in. Seemingly centered right over the Days Hotel parking lot, the storm just about blew the tents away. Housing the entire operation, including all the audio and video equipment, the tents were saved only by physically holding them down with the crew’s bare hands from 1:00 a.m. until dawn, as a cold rain and howling wind tested their strength. By morning, the tents were re-built, anchored down into the asphalt further and Tech Director Robert Dupper continued the program as if nothing had happened.

  Ruby Carat
  Cold Fusion Now's Ruby Carat (Photo by Jeane Manning)

Thus it was for a second year that GlobalBEM attracted world-renowned breakthrough energy researchers, scholars and artists for a three-day gathering of minds, metal and music. Big-name speakers rubbed elbows with newbies, everyone positive and hopeful that a new energy technology is imminent, and can offer solutions to our global problems as no other solution can.

THRIVE movement’s ( Foster Gamble spoke to a packed tent on the “Whole Systems Strategies to Get B.E. Technologies Out.” Beginning by surveying some of the techniques of suppression that have kept new energy research from advancing fully and freely, he outlined strategies that developers can utilize to bring their research public. According to Gamble, devices will enter the marketplace “faster than the cell phone, but still take years.”

“It’s going to take many hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of dollars, to turn this corner,” writes Gamble, “and that is a small price to pay, considering the cost of not doing it and the savings when we are successful. The funding would need to provide for R&D, security, educational marketing, manufacturing and distribution and a very substantial legal defense fund to protect against the legal actions that would likely be mounted by current controllers to try and protect the future sales of the oil, coal and gas in their $200 trillion underground piggy banks.”

Funding issues were the number one topic amongst participants, and the tent was full for financial manager and consultant Catherine Austin-Fitts of Solari Investment Advisory Services and her talk on “Crowdfunding: Sourcing Equity Capital for Projects.” While crowdfunding has generally failed the bulk of new energy projects, as traditional channels of dispersement continue to dry up, the scenario of direct funding from the public-at-large is possible. Fitts had a lot of information about how the financial mechanisms can work for you, or against you, and targeted the talk to independent inventors and engineers who are brilliant in the lab, but less-than-so when it comes to funding.

Forecaster Gerald Celente was Skyped-in during an evening panel; he had a lot to say about the economic state, again defining new energy as “one of the greatest investment opportunities of the 21st century” and calling out the lack of funding in the way only Celente can.

New Energy Movement co-founders Jeane Manning, Joel Garbon and Sterling Allan were in attendance ( Manning, co-author of Breakthrough Power with Joel Garbon, was covering the event for an article, and did not speak on stage. However, she has spent close to 30 years reporting on the field of breakthrough energy. I shared a room with her, and heard someone who walked by in the hallway say to Jeane, “...and you started it all!”

In his talk, Joel Garbon outlined a process for developing a testing protocol for breakthrough energy devices. Garbon is tired of wasting time evaluating technology that does not work as stated, either by fraudulent claims or by shear ignorance of the inventor. A standard set of tests that could be performed by a lab, and confirmed by a third-party to verify the results, would provide scientists and investors with data they could trust, opening up the field to a new level of financial support and public awareness.

No such standard of tests exists yet, and Garbon sees a committee producing a document that lists the sought-after criteria. It’s a big job, made more difficult by the multiple and varied types of breakthrough energy technology. To get a committed group to do the job right, Garbon is now seeking funding for the project.

Tom Valone of Integrity Research Institute ( presented a survey of some of the types of technologies that Garbon would like to test. Valone, a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office employee who was fired for attempting to organize a Conference on Free Energy (COFE) in 1999 with a cold fusion scientist on the program, listed a host of new technologies that utilize electromagnetics for both energy and healing. Working with Dr. Jacqueline Panting, the two are using EM radiation to “knit” bones together and provide electrons, which Valone says act like antioxidants in the body.

I was able to interview Valone privately on his early trouble with the Patent Office, getting the inside details on the flap for our Cold Fusion Now documentary film on the field. If there was ever a credible witness to the exile of cold fusion and new energy technologies from the U.S. federal government, it’s there in Tom Valone’s testimony. His interview will show first-hand to what lengths officials went in order to silence energy solutions in favor of the status quo, and provide another perspective on why we don’t have this technology today.

However, this conference was centered around breakthrough energy technology being developed today, and scientists and researchers were on hand to talk about their latest work. Zero point energy (ZPE) researcher Moray B. King spoke to a packed house about his work, and King had a second lecture with Skyped-in guest Mark LeClair of NanoSpire. King got LeClair to talk about the astounding results of his work using cavitation bubble collapse to make both energy and transmutations in unusual environments. LeClair also spoke about the dangerous radiation emitted during one experiment that almost ended his work at NanoSpire, and from which LeClair and his partner Serge Lebid are still recovering.

During a Q&A panel session at the end of the day, Jeane Manning asked LeClair about developing a technology with such dangerous radiation associated with it, and LeClair answered that he has no plans to work on that particular radiation-producing experiment, and is instead developing an energy cell that emits no radiation at all, which was good news to the crowd.

Longtime researchers had a lot of new companions with young experimentalists like Russ Gries (, who spoke about Live Open Science and had a table chock full of inventions and experiments, including a mock-up Papp engine based on Bob Rohner’s work. Daniel and Erica Nunez ( showed off their artfully configured coils. Jason Verbelli and Russell Anderson of Searle Magnetics ( demonstrated some devices from their San Diego lab, where new staff is working full-time on the energy-generating technology.

  Erica Nunez
  Erica Nunez of 1Stop Energies  (Photo by Jeane Manning)
  Russ Gries
  Russ Gries (in hat) talks about new energy with participants. (Photo by Ruby Carat)


Speaker and University of Colorado Boulder Professor of Electrical Engineering Garret Moddel, who holds a patent on ZPE, had a student attending the conference with him who has experiments running in cold fusion. The student didn’t want to speak on camera, preferring to remain anonymous as he was in the academic atmosphere where tolerance for new ideas is low, but he was young, and excited about the possibilities, and couldn’t wait to get back to the lab to try out some new ideas inspired by the conference events. These are the stars of the movement’s latest wave of participation, bigger than ever before. Brilliant minds and youthful energy ensure they have great careers ahead of them, no matter what challenges await.

This latest wave of interest has mushroomed in part due to a particular intersection between new energy advocates and new age philosophy. Host MC Regina Meredith is well-known from her Conscious Media Network and Gaiam TV interviews (, and her associates were interviewing speakers and attendees for a video of the event.

  Regina Meredith
  Regina Meredith was Host MC for the event. (Photo by Jeane Manning)


Artists with evolution on their minds showcased visions of a future human, one that lived in harmony with the Earth, and all lifeforms on it. The invisible lines of force that surround us—which new energy researchers seek to exploit for a clean energy future—emerged visible in canvas, print and sculpture to lead the way. Meditation with spiritual teacher Alaya began the conference, musician and Tesla researcher Michael Riversong ( played harp throughout the conference, and poetry ended the event.

  art tent
  The art tent held a variety of creations in service to new energy, and 
a new world. (Photo by Ruby Carat)


Randy Powell, speaking on vortex mathematics, was on the same program as actor/musician/writer-turned-archeologist Michael Tellinger (, who presented his research into ancient stone megalithic structures in southern Africa. Sourcing the earliest creation myths from ancient Babylon, Tellinger has linked elements of the myths with the large, connected structures in Africa, speculating they functioned as energy generators by using vibration and sound. His daring hypothesis includes a purpose for the energy, and I’ll direct you to his new book Temples of the African Gods for more on what that purpose might have been.

  Randy Powell
  Randy Powell spoke on vortex mathematics. (Photo by Jeane Manning)
Michael Tellinger (Photo by Ruby Carat)

As is the case for new energy events, mainstream media was largely absent, but multiple filmmakers were there, taking video, doing interviews, and young documentarian Josh del Sol screened his feature “Take Back Your Power,” a portrait of the large corporate energy cartels’ campaign to force so-called “smart meters” on the public, and the criminal actions they take to do it.

Smart meters have been touted as an energy saver, and money saver, but numerous complaints have been lodged against the technology, ranging from health issues to exaggerated utility bills. They have been implicated in a plan to control your energy usage, and your life. In the film, you’ll enjoy watching the video captured by a resident sitting quietly inside his home, as an electric utility worker, not knowing he was home, literally kicks in the door to install a smart meter. This documentary is a must-see for anybody being terrorized by utility companies.

GlobalBEM is attracting volunteers from all sectors, including media. Publisher Fred Teunissen and co-editor Lex Ros have put together PULSE magazine, which brings the elements of science and art together. The first issue debuted at the conference and a second issue will have more from Breakthrough Energy Movement. James Martinez of Cold Fusion Radio presented with special Skype-guest David Icke, who announced the formation of a new media channel The Peoples Voice, which will run alternative lifestyle and new energy science side-by-side.

In Valone’s talk, a graph predicting sea level rises of 10 meters due to carbon dioxide levels over 400 ppm was “too depressing to talk about.” As the world continues down an unsustainable path of dirty energy policy, the choices for a future green technology are proliferating, unbeknownst to the general public. Luckily, the next generation is on the move, bringing a wider base of support to new energy than ever seen before.

But it is a struggle. The conference lost money, and the financial situation looks bleak. They need your help to continue. Make a donation to GlobalBEM at to help reimburse Darek Zurek his costs for hosting the conference.

To watch video of all the speakers at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, including my historical overview on why cold fusion was rejected, go to

*Ruby Carat is a writer/filmmaker and founder of Cold Fusion Now. She is currently on the Board of Directors of New Fire Generation, a new 501(c)3 organization tasked with fundraising for new energy research and Live Open Science. Contact Ruby at:


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