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Special Issues
Below are some special back issues of particular interest to our readers. These themed issues have been bestsellers, and we hope you will order and enjoy them like so many others have.
Issue 24
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Issue 89
The Electrical Genius of Nikola Tesla

  • Nikola Tesla's Contributions to Science
  • The Fight to Preserve Tesla's Wardenclyffe Laboratory
  • Tesla's Wireless Energy Explained
  • Tesla vs. Einstein: Transcending the Speed of Light
  • A Look Back at Nikola Tesla's Accomplishments in the Niagara Falls Region
  • Goodness, Q and Power Factor in Electrical Science and Machinery
  • Tesla's Atmospheric Research as Related to Pyramids
  • Nikola Tesla's Electromagnetic Healing Devices
  • High Frequency Oscillators for Electro-Therapeutic and Other Purposes (1898 paper by Tesla)
Issue 65
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Issue 65
Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?

  • Climate Change and Clearing the Air
  • Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
  • Greenhouse Gas Effects on Global Climate: Water Vapor vs. Carbon Dioxide
  • Climate Change and the Fifth Force
Issue 60
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Issue 60
Infinite Oil?

  • Oil: How Much Is Left?
  • Origins of Oil and the Abiotic Theory
  • Peak Oil and the Big Picture
  • The Role of Technology in Meeting Current and Future Petroleum Energy Demand
  • Shale Oil: A Solution to the Energy Crisis
Issue 59
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Issue 59
100 Years: Einstein’s Legacy
  • A Dissident View of Relativity Theory
  • Dialog of Einstein’s Ghost and a Relativity Critic
  • Relativity: Joke or Swindle?
  • Special Relativity Theory and the Magical Speed of Light
  • Is Faster-than-Light Propagation Allowed by the Laws of Physics? (A Primer on Lorentzian Relativity)
  • Albert Einstein: Plagiarist of the Century
  • Problems with the Gravitational Constant
  • The Great Sage (excerpt from Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets)
Issue 48
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Issue 48
Celebrating Nikola Tesla
  • Article from 1900 by Tesla himself, “The Problem of Increasing Human Energy with Special References to the Harnessing of the Sun’s Energy” [Annotated by Eugene Mallove]
  • Nikola Tesla: Man of Three Centuries
  • Tesla and the Aether
  • A Short Appreciation of Nikola Tesla
  • Tesla the Man: Commentary on His Life
  • Including reviews of Tesla-related products: “The Secret of Nikola Tesla” (movie) and Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature: Tesla’s Science of Energy (book)

Issue 39
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Issue 39
Special Einstein Issue
Aether Science & Technology Reborn

  • Synchronization of Clocks in Special Relativity
  • A Modified Lorentz Ether Theory
  • Sagnac Effect Contradicts Special Relativity
  • Subjectivism, Scientism, and Special Relativity
  • The Sagnac and Michelson-Gale-Pearson Experiments
  • Experiments of Dayton Miller and the Theory of Relativity
  • Einstein Superstar
  • Why Galilean Mechanics Is Not Equivalent to Newtonian Mechanics
  • Special Relativity in Retrospect
Issue 38
Digital Available

Special Issue 38
Einstein Reconsidered

  • Commentary on Maxwell's Equations and Special Relativity Theory
  • Anomalies in the History of Relativity
  • The Einstein Myth and the Ives Papers
  • Axis Calibration: The Thing Einstein Forgot
  • Consequences of the Null Result of the Michelson-Morley Experiment
  • Accusations of Anti-Semitism as a Barrier to Progress in Physics
  • The Eternally Valid Concepts in Einstein's Work
  • The Philosophical Background to Einstein's Search for a Unified Field Theory
  • Dayton Miller's Ether-Drift Experiments
Issue 33
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Issue 33
Special Water Issue
Earth-Generated Water: A Potential Solution (Morad Eghbal)
Discussion of water use and rights in the Middle East, including an analysis of the earth-generated water research of Stephan Riess.

The Hydro-Quebec Controversy (Ken Rauen)
Firsthand account of Rauen's visit to Quebec, Canada to study hydroelectric developments and their effects on the land and people of northern Canada.

Water and Health (Robert Yukes)
Overview of the importance of water to human health, including discussion of "better, wetter water" and electrolyzed water for use as a sterilant to treat disease.

"Water Buckyballs": Chemical, Catalytic, and Cosmic Implications (Keith Johnson)
Water detection in interstellar space found in unusual "Buckyball" clusters.

Solar-Energy Liberation from Water by Electric Arcs (George Hathaway, Peter Graneau and Neal Graneau)
Technical paper dealing with the liberation of intermolecular bond energy from ordinary water by means of an arc discharge.

Just Add Water (Bennett Daviss)
Read about the water fuel work of Keith Johnson, who uses a combination of diesel fuel with tap water to form a mixture that cuts pollution, maintains engine efficiency, and works in existing engines.

Tidal Power (Jeane Manning)
Learn about advances in tidal power energy production at Blue Energy Canada Inc.

Waves of the Future? Harnessing Tidal Power (Barbara DelloRusso)
An historical account of the Quoddy Tides Project and some of the politics surrounding the field of tidal power generation.

Review of the following important books on water:
The Memory of Water: Homeopathy and the Battle of Ideas in the New Science (Michel Schiff, 1998)
Living Water: Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy (Olof Alexandersson, 1990)
Polywater (Felix Franks, 1981)
Life's Matrix: A Biography of Water (Philip Ball, 2000)

Issue 24
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Issue 24
Celebrate Ten Years of Cold Fusion!
Issue 24, released in March/April 1999, celebrated the tenth anniversary of the announcement of cold fusion claims by Pons and Fleischmann on March 23, 1989 at the University of Utah.

Cold Fusion: Looking Back and to the Future.
Commentary by the following scientists in the field:

Scott Chubb, Naval Research Laboratory
Michael McKubre, SRI International
George Miley, University of Illinois
Keith Johnson, Quantum Energy Technologies
Francesco Celani, Instituto Nazionale Fisica Nucleare
John Dash, Portland State University
Peter Gluck, Inst. of Isotopic and Molecular Technology
Bart Simon, Queen's University
Harold Aspden, Energy Science Ltd.
Hal Fox, Trenergy Inc.
Edmund Storms, Los Alamos National Laboratory (Ret.)
Tadayoshi Ohmori, Hokkaido University
R.A. Oriani, University of Minnesota
John Bockris, Texas A&M University (Ret.)
Fred Jaeger, ENECO
Dennis Cravens
Akira Kawasaki
Mahadeva Srinivasan
Robert Bass


  • MIT and Cold Fusion: A Special Report by Eugene Mallove
  • Nuclear Reactions in the Pd/D System: The Pre-History and History of Our Early Research by Martin Fleischmann
  • My Life with Cold Fusion as a Reluctant Mistress by Edmund Storms
  • Key Experiments That Substantiate Cold Fusion Phenomena
  • A Chronology of Cold Fusion

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