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"There is almost no area of human activity that would not be dramatically affected by the advent of new energy technology— especially matters of war or peace and health and the environment."
  — Dr. Eugene F. Mallove



infinite energy

Dr. Eugene F. Mallove
dr. eugene f. mallove
1947 - 2004

Infinite Energy and New Energy Foundation founder Dr. Eugene Mallove was murdered on May 14, 2004. His death has left a tremendous void in not only the daily lives of those who loved him, but also within the new energy field. Gene was a long-time advocate for new energy science and technology and perhaps the most well-known spokesperson for the field.

In the days following Gene's death, the Foundation was unsure whether the magazine and non-profit could continue without Gene's energy and commitment. Ultimately, we decided that we had to make a go of it, to try to carry on with Gene's vision. The magazine continues to have a dedicated audience and even though Gene's voice in its pages is desperately missed, Infinite Energy carries on. With the support of our fantastic donors, we have also been able to dole out over $1 million in grants to new energy researchers or organizations.

Infinite Energy #56 was a tribute to Gene's life and work from his family and friends, published just after his murder. You only need to read one of these remembrances to understand what a kind, devoted person Gene Mallove was-but we hope that you will read them all to better learn the many facets of Gene's personality, interests and endeavors:

In Memory of My Father (Kimberlyn Mallove Woodard)
24 Years Is Far Too Few (Ethan Mallove)
Eugene Ma-Love (Jana Goldstein Scher)
Memorializing Gene (Bill Zebuhr)
Of Flying Pigs and Starry Skies (Christy Frazier) / Memories of a Colleague (Barbara DelloRusso)
My Unexpected Challenge (James Kornberg)
A Few Words Dedicated to Dr. Eugene Mallove (Mitchell Swartz & Gayle Verner)
Homage to a Peerless Friend (Paulo and Alexandra Correa)
Gene Mallove: From Before Cold Fusion Through Tragedy (Dean Musgrave)
Galileo of Our Time: In Memory of Dr. Eugene Mallove (Brian O'Leary)
The Leading Light of Cold Fusion (George Miley) / Gene Mallove's Magic (Scott Chubb)
In Memory of a Fallen Friend (Stephen Kaplan)
Remembering Gene Mallove (Mike Carrell)

genePlease read additional tribute material from Issue 61 and Issue 79. Gene Mallove's impressive biography provides an overview of his many accomplishments.


dr. eugene f. mallove

Gene & Son and Wife

Wife, Gene & Mother

Gene & Joanne

Gene, first grandchild & family


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