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ISCMNS Donation and Member Drive

The International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ISCMNS is the only official membership organization in the cold fusion (CMNS/LENR) field. ISCMNS, a not-for-profit registered in England, formed in 2003 to “promote the understanding, development and application of condensed matter nuclear science for the benefit of the public.”

The Society organizes the International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals, the tenth session of which was held in April 2012. This meeting is held every few years at a location in Italy; scientists from around the world present experimental results and theoretical perspectives. [link to proc in catalog]

ISCMNS publishes the open-access online Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science. The journal, edited by Prof. Jean-Paul Biberian, began publication in April 2007 and just released its tenth issue in January 2013. These volumes and over 1,200 other full papers can be found on the Society’s DVD.

In addition to advocacy for the field, the Society has also honored those in the field. Since 2004, ISCMNS has awarded the Giuliano Preparata Medal to esteemed scientists who have contributed to CMNS science. In 2008, ISCMNS cast a special Minoru Toyoda Gold Medal to honor Martin Fleischmann.

The non-profit New Energy Foundation (publisher of Infinite Energy) welcomes the opportunity to assist the ISCMNS in raising funds to support their outreach projects. The majority of the Society’s work is funded by membership dues (see below). Now you can help support the important efforts of the ISCMNS by making a tax-deductible (U.S. donors) donation to the New Energy Foundation that is earmarked specifically for the ISCMNS:

You can also support the ISCMNS by becoming a member. The Society currently consists of 210 members from over 25 countries. It is one of their goals to build membership, so that they have greater outreach to the general public. Membership costs $30 Euros (approx. $40 USD) and applications are now being accepted. [] Members get benefits for joining; the main purpose of the member dues, however, is to fund the activities of the Society.

ISCMNS business is conducted by Chief Executive Bill Collis, overseen by the Executive Committee made up of ten scientists in the field who are members of the Society.

We hope that you will help support the efforts of the ISCMNS by donating or becoming a member.

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