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The websites listed below, related to new science and new energy, are not specifically endorsed by Infinite Energy/New Energy Foundation. They are provided simply as a service to our visitors.

Important New Energy/New Science Links Cold Fusion Library
Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science
International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science
Eugene Mallove Tribute Page
Cold Fusion Now
Integrity Research Institute
Cold Fusion Times
New Energy Movement
New Energy Times
Cold Fusion: Fire from Water Documentary
BlackLight Power, Inc. - Dr. Randell Mills
Edmund Storms' Cold Fusion Research
Japan Cold Fusion Research Society
JET Energy Technology
Melvin Miles' Cold Fusion Research
Jeane Manning on New Energy
Pure Energy Systems
New Energy Foundation YouTube Channel

Global Breakthrough Energy Movement
Alternative Energy Institute
American Antigravity
Chava Science
Dr. Brian Josepshon on the E-Cat
ECAT: Cold Fusion Revolution
E-Cat World

Earth Tech
Electrifying Times Magazine

Future Talk with Zoh Hieronimus
The Green Salon   (((( ))))
Harold Aspden Archive
Institute for New Energy
International Fission Fuels, Inc.
Journal of Nuclear Physics
KeelyNet Website
LBJ School of Public Affairs "Shaping the Energy Technology Transition"
Ludwik Kowalski's Cold Fusion Site

Quantum Aether Dynamics
Pulse Magazine
Tesla Magazine
Tom Bearden's Cheniere Organization
Scott Chubb's Interview on "The Secret Truth": hour 1
Scott Chubb's Interview on "The Secret Truth": hour 2

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