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Technical References
N through S
Below are selected references (through 1999) that may assist in conducting research on the subject of cold fusion and new energy technologies. This collection, while extensive, is not comprehensive. If you are looking for a specific reference not listed here, contact us. We recommend that you also visit the LENR-CANR website, which contains a wealth of research papers.

Listed by alphabetically: [A-G] [H-M] [N-S] [T-Z]

Niedra, J.M. and Ira T. Myers, "Replication of the Apparent Excess Heat Effect in a Light Water-Potassium Carbonate-Nickel Electrolytic Cell," NASA Technical Memorandum 107167, February 1996; Reprinted in Infinite Energy, Vol.2, No.7, 1996, pp.62-70.

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