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Technical References
T through Z
Below are selected references (through 1999) that may assist in conducting research on the subject of cold fusion and new energy technologies. This collection, while extensive, is not comprehensive. If you are looking for a specific reference not listed here, contact us. We recommend that you also visit the LENR-CANR website, which contains a wealth of research papers.

Listed by alphabetically: [A-G] [H-M] [N-S] [T-Z]

Takahashi, A., T. Takeuchi, T. Iida, and M. Watanabe, "Neutron Spectra from D20-Pd Cells with Pulsed Electrolysis," Proc. Anomalous Nuclear Effects in Deuterium/Solid Systems, Provo, UT, Oct. 22-23. 1990, p. 323; Also: Short Note: Emission of 2.45 MeV and Higher Energy Neutrons from D20-Pd Cell Under Biased Pulse Electrolysis," J. Nucl. Sci. Tech. 27 (1990) 663.

Taniguchi, Ryoichi, "Characteristic Peak Structures on Charged Particle Spectra During Electrolysis Experiment," Transactions of Fusion Technology (Proceedings of ICCF4), Vol.26, 4T, Part 2, December 1994, 186-191.

Tuggle, Dale G., T. N. Claytor, and S.F. Taylor, "Tritium Evolution from Various Morphologies of Palladium," Transactions of Fusion Technology (Proceedings of ICCF4), Vol.26, 4T, Part 2, December 1994, pp.221-231.

Will, F. G., K. Cedzynska, and D. C. Linton, "Tritium Generation in Palladium Cathodes With High Deuterium Loading," Proc. ICCF4, Lahaina, Maui, Dec. 6-9, 1993. EPRI TR- 104188-V 1 (1994),p.8-1; also in Transactions of Fusion Technology (Proceedings of ICCF4), Vol.26, 4T, Part 2, December 1994, 209-213.

Will, Fritz G., Cedzynska, K., and Linton, D.C., "Reproducible Tritium Generation in Electrochemical Cells Employing Palladium Cathodes with High Deuterium Loading," J. Electroanalytical Chemistry, 360, 1993, pp.161

"American Nuclear Society Meeting Features Low-Energy Transmutation Session," (results from Patterson Power Cell Radioactivity Remediation) June 5, 1997, Orlando Florida, Infinite Energy, pp.14-15.

"Thorium Activity Remediation," The Cincinatti Group, Robert Bass, Robert T. Bush, Robert Liversage, et al Infinite Energy, Vol.3, #13-14 Special Double Issue, March-June 1997, pp.16-32.

First Annual Conference on Cold Fusion (March 28-31, 1990): Conference Proceedings, by the National Cold Fusion Institute, Salt Lake City.

Anomalous Nuclear Effects in Deuterium/Solid Systems, American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings #228, 1991, Steven E. Jones, Franco Scaramuzzi, and David Worledge (editors), Proceedings of an International Progress Review on Anomalous Nuclear Effects in Deuterium/Solid Systems, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, October 22-24, 1990. (approx. 1000 pages).

The Science of Cold Fusion: Proceedings of the II Annual Conference on Cold Fusion, June 29 - July 4, 1991, Como, Italy, published by the Italian Physical Society, Bologna, Italy, 1991, edited by T. Bressani, E. Del Giudice, and G. Preparata (528 pages).

Frontiers of Cold Fusion, Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Cold Fusion (Nagoya, Japan 21-25 October, 1992), edited by Dr. Hideo Ikegami, National Institute for Fusion Science, Nagoya 464-01, Japan.

Proceedings: Fourth International Conference on Cold Fusion (December 6-9, 1993, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii), published by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the conference was sponsored by EPRI and the Office of Naval Research. Four volumes of the proceedings edited by Thomas O. Passell (EPRI). A large selection of papers from the Proceedings were peer reviewed and published in a dedicated issue of Fusion Technology, December 1994, Volume 26, No.4T, part 2, 535 pages.

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