Paraterraforming Mars I. Heat, Electricity and Oxygen Are Available from Lattice-Assisted Nuclear Reactions - Digital Download


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by Mitchell Swartz, Theodore Schuster, Gayle Verner, Joshua Gyllinsky, Jeffrey Tolleson

This 5-page paper was published in Issue 131 (2017).

From the Abstract: "The colonization of Mars requires either a terraforming system or smaller paraterraforming platforms to transform this inhospitable planet to resemble Earth. The former requires altering the environment of a whole planet to make it habitable for life. The latter only alters the environment locally. We report that Lattice-Assisted Nuclear Reactions (LANR) reactors on Mars could help do this, and with two distinct roles over time. First, the efficiency of LANR reactors for energy production will highlight their initial main roles, making heat and electricity to drive 3D printers. Later, their second role, oxygen generation, will make them distinguished as they also generate a breathable atmosphere."

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