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by David R. Nagel, Amal Al Katrib and Valesca Bettim Feltrin

This 8-page paper was published in Issue 134 (2017).

Lattice Enabled (or Low Energy) Nuclear Reactions (LENR) have great promise as distributed and cost-effective sources of clean energy, free of dangerous radiation, residual radioactivity and greenhouse gases. Much expensive research and development is needed to realize that promise. However and whenever commercialization happens, the intersection of LENR and water will be significant. This paper starts with a short general consideration of energy and water. Then, we focus on the roles that water has played, and is still playing, in LENR research. The third section is a summary of a study of the possibility that water is actually the source of excess energy measured in LENR experiments. That topic is then revisited because of the reports by Pollack and his colleagues that a new phase of water might be a source of energy. Since energy from LENR generators will be used to produce, distribute and treat water, a section is devoted to that topic. The concluding section summarizes the primary points made in the paper, and notes opportunities for future research and development on use of LENR for water processing.

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