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We are hopeful that you understand the importance of our mission and would like to help us support new energy researchers and provide them a forum for publication in our Infinite Energy Magazine. Your tax-deductible contribution to the New Energy Foundation (NEF) is urgently needed. We offer two ways to donate:

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The following is a "call-to-arms" from our founder, the late Dr. Eugene Mallove, who was murdered in May 2004. We prefer to keep his heartfelt posting active so that you can understand the full extent of how committed he was to seeing this field blossom. [A few lines have been edited to correct information that has changed.]

Dear Friend:

You are an open-minded and charitable person, we trust.

Imagine, if you will, that a huge energy technology revolution is brewing, one built on spectacular, confirmed breakthroughs in science— and you don't know a thing about it, or have heard only rumors that you dismissed. Is it possible that a New Energy Revolution is really in the works and you don't know about it?

I am happy to inform you that, indeed, a Copernican-like revolution is in the making— and you can help move it forward. You are thinking, perhaps, "That's too good to be true— that can't be right! How could such a major development have escaped my notice in newspapers, on television, or on the internet? Why would any responsible news organization not report such good news?" Sad to say, the answer is an emphatic, "Yes— the media have generally ignored this gigantic revolution-in-the-making, although there have been exceptions— stories have appeared in Wired, Popular Science, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and on ABC Television ("Good Morning America" and "Nightline"). These media have not always gotten the story right, and they sometimes have gotten it all wrong! And they certainly have not followed through even when they got it right. But even this bizarre media situation is nothing new…

Did you know that a century ago, the major media (only newspapers and magazines then) were almost completely silent about the achievement of heavier-than-air-flight by the Wright Brothers— until 1908, five years after these geniuses flew at Kitty Hawk on December 17, 1903? Yes, it's true! So amazing and "impossible" was human travel with flying machines— the best scientists for decades had been saying it was a preposterous idea— that major newspapers failed for five years to report the Wright brothers' activities, even though they were flying for all to see over fields in Ohio!

If you don't know anything about the new sources of energy I am going to talk about— NOT solar cells, wind turbines, ocean waves, or hydrogen fuel cells, what we call conventional renewables— then read on. You are in for a most pleasant surprise.

Perhaps you have heard of the terms "cold fusion" or "zero point energy," with claims by some scientists that from new findings in the laboratory there could come effectively infinite, clean, and abundant sources of energy— inexpensive, safe, and widely distributed forms that could beneficially transform virtually every aspect of human civilization. Perhaps you have also heard that such claims are all bogus, "pathological science," or worse. (Of course there are some unsupported claims that are in that category, from deluded people or conmen.) But if all New Energy claims are in error, why then are hundreds of scientists and engineers reporting their paradigm-breaking findings in prestigious journals, and at international conferences? Why have some corporations, small and large, taken notice? Why do official scientific reports from U.S. government labs, which support the new phenomena, continue to be ignored?

What are you going to do about this? Will you join the pack of nay sayers, and deny the existence of modern "miracles" in science and emerging technology, which you could easily check out for yourself on the internet, beginning right here at I hope not! Do you dare decide to explore these New Energy developments in our magazine, Infinite Energy? It is now in its eighth year of publication, distributed on many newsstands, and sent to subscribers in 40 countries. We hope we have tempted you…

Here are just two facts that you can confirm on your own by subscribing to Infinite Energy, or simply checking our website:

  • Substantial technical information from experiments around the world on cold fusion energy (more generically, "low-energy nuclear reactions" or LENR) confirms that at least 300 gallons of gasoline energy equivalent can be obtained from just one gallon of ordinary river, lake, or ocean water— with no nuclear radiation hazard, and zero pollution. The product of the reaction is a tiny amount of non-toxic helium gas.

  • In just one cubic kilometer of ocean— the world has billions of cubic kilometers of water— there is enough hydrogen fuel for these LENR processes to equal all the known oil reserves on Earth.

And that's not all— far from it. Infinite Energy has been reporting on developments on the frontiers of the New Energy revolution since March of 1995. Regrettably, there are no commercially available cold fusion/LENR devices yet due to the difficult nature of the LENR phenomena and to the mostly unrecognized work of, and the tragic under-funding of LENR scientists and technologists. But in the last few years irrefutable new evidence has emerged for still other New Energy sources. Just as for cold fusion, in table-top experiments and prototype devices, it has been possible to tap into other new physics paradigm-busting sources— what some have called "zero point energy" (from standard quantum mechanics), but which other scientists who are most in the vanguard of such efforts call "aether energy." You can read about this shocking development too in Infinite Energy magazine. No, these are emphatically not "perpetual motion machines"! They obey the conservation of energy, but they just happen to tap energy in a form that is poorly or incompletely understood by modern physics.

So, with such great possibilities at stake, can you afford not to learn more?

Why not join us in a courageous journey of intellectual exploration?
Why not subscribe immediately to:

Infinite Energy: The Magazine of New Energy Technology!
New Energy • New Science • New Technology
infinite energy magazineThe subscription price remained the same from 1995 until 2020, when we finally had to increase the cost. The cost is now $35 (U.S.), $45 (Canada/Mexico) or $60 (Other International) for a six-issue print subscription. Digital subscriptions are also available to all locations for $25 (six issues). One can also choose a print/digital subscription to receive hard and digital copies of each issue of a subscription.

But you can do more than subscribe— much more, we hope. Infinite Energy has just come under the wing of the newly formed, non-profit organization, New Energy Foundation in New Hampshire. Contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The magazine very much needs your generous charitable support— if you decide (and we hope that you have decided already!) that we are doing extremely important work that will help lead to a better world for us all. The New Energy Foundation is now at the very eye of the storm in the swirling New Energy Revolution.

What do we accomplish? New Energy Foundation disseminates information about these world-changing technologies— about the science, technology, patents, investment, and politics thereof; we measure and investigate new claims about new energy devices to determine whether they are sound; and— most important— we are now processing grant applications by scientists and inventors around the world so that the most promising work— now highly under-funded, due to the very heretical nature of this work— gets the financial support that it so much deserves. We will be very demanding about these grants; we insist that the research must be headed in the direction of developing publishable scientific results and/or actual commercially useful technologies that operate on new scientific energy principles. [Grant Requirements]

You should know that the subscription price for Infinite Energy, does not now cover the cost of publishing this pioneering magazine. This is a new field, in which there is not yet an established advertising base. Frankly, the cost (even with our small staff) of producing and mailing Infinite Energy six times per year, sending out approximately 20,000 magazines to subscribers and distributors each year, and running the magazine and New Energy Foundation's other operations is about $250,000 to $300,000 per year (in 2002 -2003). Furthermore, that basic budget has zero funds left over to help support critical research and development on the frontiers of new energy and new science. We currently have an operating deficit of about $150,000/year, which is made up by supporters who have helped us with loans and gifts in the past-and who will be continuing some of their generous support. But, we think it is very unfair to rely on only a handful of individuals who have courageously lent their money and spirit to Infinite Energy for these many years. We need a larger, broader base of support.

Please help us today with your financial contribution— of any size! Whatever you can afford, no matter how small an amount, will be deeply appreciated— and will be acknowledged in the pages of Infinite Energy (unless you state that you wish to remain anonymous). Some day we will live in a world in which the discoveries of New Energy science will be taken for granted— no one will be able to deny the devices, processes, and science, whose validation we are struggling to achieve. In some sense, we will then have succeeded in our mission and thus will have "put ourselves out of business." Those scientific publications and general media, which should have been dealing fairly with this topic all along, will then be forced to write about it and recant past excessive skepticism. Billions of dollars in R&D money will then flow from corporations and individuals. We can hardly wait for that day! But until then, we very much need your financial support!

So please do subscribe to Infinite Energy, and also please do give generously to support not only this critical global information network, but also a deserving community of pioneering researchers around the world.

We would like to reach our target of at least $500,000/year in grant-approved research funding for New Energy as soon as possible. It will not be easy to do this, but the sooner well-targeted funding reaches under-funded researchers, the more likely we are to accelerate the New Energy Revolution. I think you would agree that in these often very dark times the world would benefit immensely from a realistic hope— followed by on-market technology-that a new era of abundant, clean energy resources will be dawning. Please do your best to help us make that happen. And thank you in advance for joining with us now— or in the very near future.


Dr. Eugene Mallove

We offer two ways to donate:
Donate now on-line:

by Mail: Printable form

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