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s Gene Mallove & Cold Fusion Magazine
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Before forming Infinite Energy, Gene Mallove was editor for three glossy print issues of the magazine Cold Fusion in 1994.

The premier issue in May 1994 featured Edmund Storms on the cover. Gene wrote the following material for Issue 1:

Why “Cold Fusion”? (Editorial)
The Fourth International Conference on Cold Fusion: Report from Maui
An Italian Cold Fusion Hot Potato
A Cold Fusion Primer: Cold Fusion, 1994—What’s It All About?
Load Cold and Slow, Run Hot: Dennis Cravens’ Five Years of Home-Brewed Cold FusionCold Fusion Issue 1

In addition to providing other general reporting for Issue 1, Gene also wrote a scathing review of John Huizenga’s Cold Fusion: The Scientific Fiasco of the Century.

Issue 2 of Cold Fusion (June 1994) featured Mahadeva Srinivasan on the cover. Gene’s Issue 2 writings include:

The Race for Cold Fusion Applications (Editorial)
The Hydrosonic Pump: An Excess Energy Device?
Wild and Wooly Theories Abound: On the Rough Road to Explaining the Impossible

Cold Fusion Issue 2

In addition to other reporting, Gene also wrote a critical review of Gary Taubes’ Bad Science: The Short Life and Weird Times of Cold Fusion in Issue 2.

The last issue of Cold Fusion helmed by Gene was Issue 3 (July/August 1994), which featured Peter Hagelstein on the cover. Gene conducted an interview with Fred Jaeger, the CEO of Eneco, and wrote the following in that issue:

What To Do About Uncle Sam? (Editorial)
The High Frontier: The Implications of Cold Fusion for Space Technology

Cold Fusion Issue 3

Gene and others on the staff of Cold Fusion had a falling out with publisher Wayne Green. Issue 3 was the last glossy, full-color magazine published, but Green continued to put out Cold Fusion until at least late 1996, as a smaller journal/newsletter. Numerous cold fusion papers were published in it.




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