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s Publications, Gene Mallove's Freelance Writing
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  Gene Mallove’s science writing career began long before publication of books or editorship of magazines. From late 1982 to early 1987, Gene was a freelance science writer for numerous publications.

Gene wrote a self-syndicated newspaper science column called “Starbound: The Wonder of Spaceflight and Astronomy,” which ran in many local newspapers from 1983 to 1984. The following pieces were published: Isaac Newton; First Men Around the Moon (July 1983); Weightlessness (October 1983); SARSAT (November 1983); Why Is It Dark At Night? (November 1983); The Twin Paradox (December 1983); The Zoo Hypothesis; Landing in Hell; Panspermia; Gemini Rendezvous; Lifebeam (January 1984); The Andromeda Galaxy (March 1984); Project Ozma (April 1984); Space Ark to the Stars; The Age of the Universe; Measuring the Diameter of the Sun (May 1984); The Planet Vulcan; Falling Around the Earth.

Gene wrote numerous articles for The Washington Post in the mid-1980s, including columns in “The Outlook” opinions page. They include:

Finally a Serious Search for Intelligent Beings in Space (February 5, 1984)

Our Universe, Created from Nothing (June 3, 1984)

The Inevitable Asteroid: The Way Our World Will End? (August 26, 1984)

— Book Review: Three Degrees of Zero: Bell Labs in the Information Age (October 8, 1984)

The Cosmic Riddle: How Rocks and Stars Became Flesh and Blood (October 21, 1984)

— Mars: A Great Planet, But It Needs a Little Work (December 16, 1984)

— Gravity: Is the Force That Makes the Apple Fall the Clue to Creation? (March 3, 1985)

The Serious Notion That Time Could Go Backward (April 21, 1985)

It May Be a Small World, but Wait (June 23, 1985)

The Universe as Happy Conspiracy (October 27, 1985)

Einstein’s Intoxication with the God of the Cosmos (December 22, 1985)

How Did Survival of the Melodius Give Us Mozart? (March 16, 1986)

Do We Control the Universe’s Fate? (November 30, 1986)

— Gaia (February 1, 1987)

The linked stories above are the Washington Post pieces we currently have available; we will try to upload the others at a later date. On linked stories where the text is small, one should be able to enlarge the text on the PDF for better reading. In a few cases, the text may be duplicated a bit from one page to the next.

Many of Gene's Washington Post “Outlook” columns were reprinted in or syndicated to other national newspapers. The June 3, 1984 piece on the universe was also published in The Post’s national weekly edition on June 18, 1984 under the title “Before the Beginning: The Forces That Created Our Universe.” The August 26, 1984 asteroid piece was published in the October 14, 1984 edition of Newsday under the title “Will Asteroids Smash the Earth? What Can We Do?” and in The Hartford Courant ("When Earth and Asteroids Collide," September 23, 1984). The October 27, 1985 piece on the universe was picked up by The Cleveland Plain Dealer (“A Universal Coincidence,” November 10, 1985), The Hartford Courant (“Physicists Invade Religion's Domain,” December 1, 1985) and The Houston Chronicle (“What Was in God’s Mind?” December 27, 1987). The esssay on music (March 16, 1986) was picked up by The Roanoke Times & World News ("The Joyous Enigma of Human Music," March 30, 1986) The Mexico City News ("The Wonder of Music," April 7, 1986).

From September 1987 to June 1991, Gene Mallove was the Chief Science Writer and Assistant Director in Charge of Reporting for the MIT university newspaper Tech Talk. He authored hundreds of science and technology articles and produced many press releases. We will include here a sampling of reporting Gene did on cold fusion for Tech Talk, before he resigned over the controversy [this material is forthcoming].

Gene published dozens of letters and articles in various publications after he got actively involved in the cold fusion field in 1992. These include, but are not limited to:

— “Cold Fusion: The Miracle is No Mistake,” Analog, July/August 1997
— “Cold Fusion: Life After Death,” in Frontier Perspectives, Vol.4, No.1, Fall, 1994, pp.14-18.
— "Are the World's Energy Problems Over? (Yes)" Leaders Magazine, January-February-March, 1993, Volume 16, No.1, pp. 20-23.
— "Cold Fusion Slips Away," Correspondence published in The New York Times, March 9, 1993, A18.
— "Cold Fusion Lives," correspondence, Photonics Spectra, January, 1993, Vol.27, Issue 1, pp.10-11.

Gene published often on space and general science themes, including for Sky & Telescope, Ad Astra, Final Frontier, Issues in Science & Technology, Computers & Science, Air & Space, Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Technology Review. Some of these writings will be posted at a later date.


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