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s Gene Mallove & Infinite Energy Magazine
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geneGene Mallove began publishing the bi-monthly Infinite Energy in early 1995. Gene published 55 issues (technically 53, because of two double issues) before his murder in May 2004. In fact, Issue 55 came back from the printer just days after his death. Gene wrote 53 captivating editorials for Infinite Energy. He was a prolific writer, authoring or co-authoring over 130 other pieces in the magazine.

We have archived all of Gene’s Infinite Energy editorials on our site:

Why Infinite Energy? (#1)
Cold Fusion Goes Commercial (#2)
The Tip of an Iceberg (#3)
Ignition! We Have Lift Off! (#4)
Infinite in All Directions (#5/6)
Cheap Electricity Now! (#7)
Stranger than Fiction (#8)
Superpower, Inc. (#9)
Outrageous—Squared! (#10)
Is New Physics Needed? (#11)
Deceptive Appearances (#12)
Comets, Cold Fusion and Alchemy (#13/14)
Electro-Alchemy and Beyond (#15/16)
New Physics, Life Saving and Philanthropy (#17)
Welcome ICCF7: Seeing the Big Picture (#18)
The End of the Beginning… (#19)
Hands-On Cold Fusion (#20)
The Passage of Time (#21)
Profiles of the Future (#22)
Cold Fusion: Fire from Water (#23)
Ten Years That Shook Physics (#24)
Cold Fusion: Fire from Water (#25)
The Power of the Sun...Down to Earth (#26)
“Miracles” Happen (#27)
The Bright Shining Hope (#28)
Aliens from the Basement (#29)
Science, Scientism, and Meaning (#30)
Welcome ICCF8, Liberate Science! (#31)
Anomalies, “Infinite Oil,” and Cold Fusion (#32)
Water: The Omnipresent Enigma (#33)
New Energy and the News Media (#34)
Ethics in the Cold Fusion Controversy (#35)
The Oceans of “Free Energy” (#36)
A Bombshell in Science (#37)
The Einstein Myths: Of Space, Time, and Aether (#38)
Aether Science and Technology (#39)
Dear Mr. President (#40)
Demonstrating Aether Energy (#41)
On Being Observant, and Accountable (#42)
The Corruption of Physics (#43)
The Boundaries of Cold Fusion (#44)
A Matter of Gravity (#45)
The Implications of the “Big Bang” (#46)
Cold Fusion Returns to MIT (#47)
Nikola Tesla: Man of Three Centuries (#48)
The Heretic Life: Publishing Against the Grain (#49)
Over-Unity: The Cold Fusion Canary Sings, and Flies! (#50)
ICCF10: A Message from the Front (#51)
The Memory Hole at Work (#52)
The “New” Solar Power (#53)
Science Censorship: The Invisible Evil (#54)
Vindication!? (#55)

Issue 56

Gene loved to read and had a tremendous library. Consequently, he enjoyed writing book reviews for the magazine. He published reviews of 26 science books, in addition to the many others we published by other authors. We have only archived a few of these on our site, including reviews by Gene of the following books:

Voodoo Science: The Road from Foolishness to Fraud (Robert Park)
Biological Transmutations (C. Louis Kervran)
Discovery of the Cold Fusion Phenomenon (Hideo Kozima)
The Synchronized Universe: New Science of the Paranormal (Claude Swanson)

Readers can look at our magazine index for a full listing of book reviews. Gene’s Infinite Energy book reviews are listed in both the Book Review section of the index and the Author section.

Gene attended many cold fusion and new energy conferences over the years. Often, he let an associate of the magazine handle the coverage. But, he did write a number of post-conference summaries, some of which are archived here:

Historic Perspective on ICCF1 (March 1990)
APS Meeting Hosts Second Cold Fusion Session (March 2000)
Summary Report on ICCF8 (May 2000)
ICCF9 Meets in Beijing, China (May 2002)
Review of ICCF10 (August 2003)

While Gene was not in attendance at the October 1989 EPRI-NSF Workshop, he knew about the “restricted access” meeting for years and finally in late 2000 was able to see the Proceedings. He wrote a story about this “secret report”:

Encounter with a Cover-Up: Examining a Forbidden Report

Gene had a writing style that allowed a layperson to better understand complicated technologies. He was a magnificent science writer. Every issue of Infinite Energy through #55 is graced with Gene’s writing. We have archived some of Gene’s most important and interesting articles:

Dr. Randell Mills and the Power of BlackLight (for purchase, Issue #12)
Carl Sagan and Cold Fusion (#13/14)
"Cold Fusion" and Modern Alchemy (#15/16)
Sir Arthur C. Clarke Challenges the Scientific Community with Provocative Essay in Science (#20)
CSICOP “Science Cops” at War with Cold Fusion (#23)
MIT and Cold Fusion: A Special Report (#24)
Press Responses to the Tenth Anniversary of Cold Fusion (#25)
Is the Occurrence of Cold Nuclear Reactions Widespread Throughout Nature? (#27)
The Triumph of Alchemy: Dr. John Bockris and the Transmutation Crisis at Texas A&M (#32)
The Mysteries and Myths of Heat (#37)
Landmark Cold Fusion Patent Issued (#41)
The “Lifter” Phenomenon: Electrogravitics, Antigravity and More (#45)
Tesla and the Aether (#48)
The Mystery and Legacy of Joseph Papp’s Noble Gas Engine (#51)
Radioactivity Reborn (#54)
New Energy and Early Aeronautics: The Perils and Rewards of Visionaries (#54)
Intimations of Disaster: Glenn Seaborg, the Scientific Process and the Origin of the “Cold Fusion War” (#55)
Hydrogen Fuel Cells and the “Hydrogen Economy” (#55)

Gene was Director of our New Energy Research Laboratory. As such, he often participated in writing the regular column “Device and Process Testing Update.” Most of these are archived on the site. Begin with the first column from Issue 21 (1998). Thereafter, for numerous issues, you can link to the column by clicking through each of the Table of Contents.

On our site you will also find a few news items or papers that did not get published in the magazine, but were written or co-authored by Gene:

Wired Magazine Publishes Expose of the Cold Fusion Scandal
LENR and “Cold Fusion” Excess Heat (ICCF10 Paper)
Cold Fusion Memo to the White House
U.S. DOE Will Review 15 Years of Cold Fusion

Gene’s writing was so popular with our readers, that after his death in May 2004, a few cancelled their subscriptions simply because they could not imagine the magazine without Gene’s voice. We are fortunate that so many of our founding subscribers remain on board and have supported Infinite Energy efforts since 2004 when we lost Gene. His voice is still missed every day.

Any Infinite Energy writings of Gene Mallove not linked above are available in the print and digital editions of the magazine. See our index for a complete listing.



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