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infinite energy

Issue 78
March/April 2008
Infinite Energy Magazine

The Unpaved, Rutty Road to High-Temperature Superconductivity:

Are Cold Fusion and the Fundamental Cause of Gravity Other Examples of the Deliberate Roadblocks Opposing Breakthrough and Non-Mainstream Physics?

Gary C. Vezzoli


I was asked to write this article by Dr. Eugene Mallove during a visit to his office in June 2003 to intensively discuss my syzygy gravitational research. 

Dr. Mallove, through his work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, had been aware of the bitter controversies and conflicts during the era of pre-high-temperature superconductivity and then again some ten years later actively witnessed the same types of conflicts related to the announcement of cold fusion. Gene was well aware that these types of conflicts hold back scientific progress, demean earnest and dedicated researchers, and even temporarily damage careers, and that they are generally rooted in personal agenda and in persons having embraced opposite viewpoints for decades, unwilling to modify their thinking. Eventually, however, the truth triumphs, and an idea whose time has come cannot be blocked any more than a giant waterfall. 

The purpose of this article is to trace the history of high-Tc superconductivity and to relate the controversies and encumbrances to parallel conflicts that arose in the area of cold fusion research. During my one and only meeting with Dr. Mallove, I found him to be a highly perceptive and visionary individual in tune to the needs of progress in science and cognizant of the barriers that were often, at least in part, “politically” and “personality” motivated rather than scientifically based. Gene dedicated his life to “doing the right thing,” particularly in arguing for research in alternative forms of energy. 

I thus dedicate this paper to the late Dr. Eugene Mallove—champion of progress in science and humanity.

This historical, personal perspective on the field of high-temperature superconductivity is also accompanied by the author's experimental paper, "The Role of Mercury in High-Tc Oxide Superconductor as Related to Excitonic Mechanism for High-Tc".

Read both articles by purchasing Issue 78.

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