Cosmology in a Nature Consisting of Energy - Digital Download


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by Arnold G. Gulko

This 6-page paper was published in Issue 110 (2013).

From the Introduction: "Everything in nature appears to be constituted by a substance we call energy distributed in space. The existence of space and the energy within it are "givens," for we have no clue as to the origin of either. The existence of space is obvious, and we have great experience with energy in the form of concentrations. Simple logic suggests that some energy must be present to fill the space between the concentrations. Photons lose energy as they traverse space, so this is one way in which energy is released to supply energy in space. Also, something clearly fills space to allow light to propagate through space and to enable forces to act at a distance. So we are compelled to conclude space contains concentrations of energy separated by a low density energy continuum. Despite a careful search, nothing other than energy has ever been found, so to test these conclusions we must ask: what sort of nature should this overall perspective provide?"

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