Strong Correlation Between LENR and Nano-Mechanics Instabilities/THz Phonons in Condensed Matter - Digital Download


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by Alberto Carpinteri and Oscar Borla

Applications in Geophysics, Geochemistry, Energetics, Biology

This 6-page paper was published in Issue 153 (2020).

From the Abstract: Terahertz phonons are produced in condensed matter by mechanical instabilities at the nano-scale (fracture, turbulence, buckling). They present a frequency that is close to the resonance frequency of the atomic lattices and an energy that is close to that of thermal neutrons. A series of fracture experiments on natural rocks as well as continuous seismic monitoring have recently demonstrated that the terahertz phonons are able to induce fission reactions on medium-weight elements with neutron and/or alpha particle emissions. The same phenomenon appears to have occurred in several different situations and to explain puzzles related to the history of our planet, like ocean formation or primordial carbon pollution, as well as scientific mysteries like so-called “cold nuclear fusion” or the correct radio-carbon dating of organic materials. Very important applications to earthquake precursors, climate change, clean energy production and cell biology can be considered.

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