Gravity as a Result of Quantum-Type Interactions – Digital Download


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by Santiago Ugarte

This 17-page paper was published in Issue 163 (November 2022-February 2023).

Abstract: A quantum-type process is proposed in a four dimensional space plus the time dimension (5d space-time dimensional framework), which would be responsible for gravitational phenomena, producing the curved space-time due to gravity and the relativistic effects corresponding to any energy-momentum applied to the physical system. The proposal does not exhibit discrepancies with respect to the Theory of Relativity when considering Special Relativity scenarios, but discrepancies do arise with respect to General Relativity when gravitational scenarios are included. Discrepancies increase when the effects of gravity are stronger, and very strong gravitational systems are required to obtain significant discrepancies, because they are negligible even considering gravitational systems such as those corresponding to Earth. The proposal allows a physical interpretation of the Einstein field equations (EFE) within the Quantum Mechanics area of study. Taking into account the proposal, the EFE would be a mathematical model that partially collects the effects produced by the proposed process, this being the physical phenomenon responsible for producing the geometry that has been mathematically expressed by the EFE. However, if it actually occurs as defined here, additional restrictions are required. One such additional effect would be a quantum type effect due to the extension of the Uncertainty Principle to frameworks with an extra spatial dimension.

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