Joseph Papp "Cannon" Explosion of 1968 (DVD)

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We are pleased to offer this astonishing DVD, which contains the transfer of 9.5 minutes of original 8 mm movie film footage showing Joseph Papp's explosive "cannon" being tested in the California desert on October 27, 1968. (See IE #51, which was devoted to the Papp engine and cannon. What can be seen on the DVD: Papp and others displaying the concrete-encased "cannon" at Environetics in Gardena, California; preparations at the desert test site, including Papp extracting gases from glass flasks and injecting them (with a hypodermic needle) into the back of the cannon chamber; the explosion of the cannon. (Note: There is significant bright over-exposure of the film during this and some subsequent parts of the film.); recovery of the shattered metal cannon (seen in close-up). Its steel wall is estimated to be over 0.5 inch in thickness. The approximately 3-inch diameter tube has opened up like a flower and its massive steel flange has been severed.

(Note: This cannon, prior to testing, had been sealed against tampering by U.S. Navy research personnel.) Though no video of any claimed anomalous process can ever by considered definitive and foolproof, please examine this DVD and draw your own conclusions about whether explosive noble gas mixtures are real, or whether Papp engaged in a hoax with conventional explosives.

2004, DVD (original 8 mm from 1968), 9.5 minutes

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