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New Book on Tesla-Inspired New Energy Inventors

New Book on Tesla-Inspired New Energy Inventors

Jeane Manning and Susan Manewich recently released the book Hidden Energy: Tesla-Inspired Inventors and a Mindful Path to Energy Abundance. The book is now available from Infinite Energy.

The authors define “hidden energy” as: a universal energy that can be tapped as a clean, abundant power source; Nature’s way of quietly working with that life force; little-known technological breakthroughs that operate in harmony with Nature; the synergy of collaboration by innovators; the divine creative spark in each person.

Infinite Energy Technical Editor Bill Zebuhr is impressed with the book. He notes, “The book is well-conceived and well-executed and will be helpful to anyone who wants to get an overview of the new energy field.” Hidden Energy is intelligently divided into sections that allow readers to concentrate on selected areas of interest, including: Paradigms; Hidden Energy; It’s Raining Innovations; Body, Mind & Spirit; Bringing It Into Our World.

Zebuhr states, “It is not a technical book but demonstrates a good understanding of the thought processes required to invent in the field and why that is important.” Chapter 5 quotes Zebuhr from an Infinite Energy editorial (“Keepers of the Myths,” #130): “Most evidence of the possibility of radically different and better technology is not actually hidden, but simply ignored and belittled by the mainstream.” He thinks this is “a key to why the book is important and why it is successful.”

Zebuhr elaborates: “The evidence is not hidden but is also not able to be demonstrated to most observers. The Universe is actually far more subtle and difficult to grasp than is acknowledged by mainstream science...The authors understand the observation skills of, for example, Schauberger viewing vortices in streams and how he was able to extract so much information from his observations. The observations were enhanced by an intuitive grasp.”

With permission from the authors, Infinite Energy reprinted chapters from the book. Chapter 2, “Revolutionary Meets Gatekeeper,” about The Fourth Phase of Water author Gerald Pollack, was published in Issue 150. Issue 151/152 contains Chapter 8, “Tesla: The Man and the Tower.” Chapter 18, “Thunderclap Power,” mainly focuses on the work of Ken Shoulders and was reprinted in Issue 154.






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