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“Unusual Suspects” Focuses on Gene Mallove’s Murder

Christy L. Frazier

The Investigation Discovery (ID) show “Unusual Suspects” featured the story of Gene Mallove’s murder on its April 10 episode, “Stone Cold Fusion.” While it was very difficult to watch re-enactment scenes of Gene’s murder, the program was well-produced and gave the viewer some insight into Gene’s life and work. The show necessarily focuses on the ins-and-outs of police investigations and favors cases where the suspect pool is wide and the evidence can be misleading.

Bob Wise, Executive Producer at LMNO Productions (which produces “Unusual Suspects” for ID), explained how the episode came to be: “Our research team came across the story as part of an extensive process of searching through newspapers, police reports and other television shows. You can imagine how much work it takes to produce more than 100 episodes. Dr. Mallove’s story was our 102nd.”

Dr. Eugene Mallove, founder of Infinite Energy and the New Energy Foundation, was brutally murdered on May 14, 2004 while at his childhood home in Norwich, Connecticut, cleaning up the property so he could rent it again. The murder investigation was ongoing for over five years and certainly had the twists and turns that a show like “Unusual Suspects” would find appealing.

Bob Wise noted, “There were a number of things that made Dr. Mallove’s story so captivating for us. Certainly, the tragic nature of the crime, the loss of such a fierce advocate for innovative technologies like cold fusion to such a senseless act of violence, makes it compelling. Since our show focuses a great deal of its time on the other suspects and the police’s investigative process, the fact that there were so many other viable suspects in the case, including two men who were actually charged in the murder, made it intriguing. And, of course, the support and cooperation of Eugene’s son and daughter as well as his colleagues helped make it an episode we felt we should do.”

Ethan Mallove and Kim Mallove Woodard helped the viewer understand the amazing man the world lost when Gene was murdered. Ethan said, “My dad was a very kind and generous, curious person. Very philosophical. He was a rare, rare person.” Kim added, “My dad was very serious on the one hand, a very serious scientist. But then he also had this opposite personality of being totally zany and crazy.” Family video and photos are peppered throughout their remembrances.

The ID channel website describes the episode as follows: “The leading advocate for the controversial science of cold fusion is beaten to death and investigators run the full gamut of suspects, from corporate executives to drug-crazed burglars, to find his killer.” The program thankfully did not spend much time on the idea that Gene was killed by “corporate executives” (i.e., the government, oil companies). It was simply noted that the Norwich Police Department received calls asking the police to investigate the possibility that Gene was killed in order to suppress cold fusion and new energy, and investigators did look into the claims.

Cold fusion researcher Dr. Mitchell Swartz and new energy advocate and filmmaker Foster Gamble were briefly in the episode. Our editor, Bill Zebuhr, was interviewed for the program but was not in the episode.

The ID channel re-airs its programs frequently; one can look for the show on a streaming service such as Hulu or check the ID channel program schedule.



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