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ICCF21 Conference Coverage


June 2018 — ICCF21, the 21st Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (Cold Fusion), took place the first week of June 2018. Read David Nagel and Steven Katinsky’s detailed summary of the meeting (from Issue 141), and a story about the first ever scholarships awarded for students and teachers. Infinite Energy editor George Egely presented papers at ICCF21. His impressions of the conference are noted in his editorial in Issue 140.

Jed Rothwell has compiled all of the conference abstracts into one document. The official ICCF21 website is also still active and has the abstracts and other information. The Proceedings of ICCF21 were published in late 2019.

Ruby Carat of Cold Fusion Now did a lot of interviews at the conference. Robert Ellefson audio taped many of the presentations. The materials (and wonderful photographs) are available on Cold Fusion Now’s conference page.  This index page links to each session of the conference. Each day’s individual page highlights the program.

Abd ul-Rahman Lomax, adminstrator of Infusion Institute, Inc. and its Cold Fusion Community discussion portal and blog, plans to write summaries of many of the presentations. Watch for more posts, but his overview of the Akito Takahashi et al. presentation is already online.

Attendees of the 21st International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (Photo by A.J. Frankson)









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