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infinite energy

Issue 112
November/December 2013
Infinite Energy Magazine

Table of Contents


Experimental Implications of Neutron Isotope Theory     John C. Fisher

12 On the Phonon Model in Cold Fusion/LENR     Peter L. Hagelstein
18 A Theory of LENR Transmutations     Valerio Dallacasa and Norman D. Cook
24 A Theory of LENR Based on Crack Formation     Edmund Storms
29 Lochon and Extended-Lochon Models for LENR in a Lattice     A. Meulenberg and K.P. Sinha
33 Application of Coherent Correlated States of Interacting Particles...     V.I. Vysotskii and M.V. Vysotskyy
39 Trapped Neutron Catalyzed Fusion Model with an Adjustable Parameter     Hideo Kozima
41 Femto-Atom and Femto-Molecule Models of Cold Fusion     A. Meulenberg
46 Some Implications of the Oscillators-in-a-Substance Model     Dean Sinclair
49 Scientific and Commercial Overview of ICCF18 — Part 1     David J. Nagel
60 An Interview with George Miley     Christy L. Frazier
63 A Method to Calculate Excess Power     Dennis Letts
67 Second Annual Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference     Ruby Carat
4 Letters to the Editor
6 Guest Editorial — LENR Modeling: A Special Issue of Infinite Energy     Jean-Paul Biberian

Book  Reviews — The Twilight of the Scientific Age (Martin Lopez Corredoira)     Thomas E. Phipps, Jr.

72 Infinite Energy Order Form


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